Our Leaders

Lynn Chung  | hellomynameislynn@gmail.com
Youth Minister

Aaron Chung | aaronchung@gmail.com
Youth Ministry Director

Hello! Welcome to our people page! :) My name is Lynn and I'm the youth minister at Antioch Fellowship! :) Aaron (my husband) and I serve the youth group together through preaching, teaching, discipleship, prayer and everything else that youth ministry entails. :D We first met this awesome group of youth folks at their 2011 Winter Retreat where Aaron got to guest preach. We loved them and now have this awesome privilege of serving alongside and ministering to them! :) 

I finished my Masters of Divinity with a concentration in Educational Leadership at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in 2013. 

Aaron and I reside in North San Jose and while we don't have children yet, we were planning to get a goldfish and name him George Whitefield. :D We love meeting new friends and new people so please come by our church and visit us anytime! ^_^ 

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Jeffery Yan
Hi, my name is Jeffery Yan, and I will be a starting my second year at UCLA in the fall. I was raised in a Christian household and have been attending church since I can remember. Although I cannot mark a specific time and place where I came to truly trust in the Gospel through the grace of God, my few years in the youth group have been characterized by change and growth in service and leadership. Baptized in December 2012, I soon became a member of the then-newly established Servant Leadership Team (SLT) the following month.

Since then, (though being a SLT member is not a requirement to) I’ve had the pleasure to serve in a variety of ways. My capacities for service at church have included or may soon include:

  • helping with planning and logistics of youth events
  • various praise team tech stuff
  • leading small groups
  • recording interesting sermon quotations made by Aaron
  • future responsibility as a youth chauffeur

Overall, serving at Antioch Fellowship has been both a blessing and a joy, with a vibrant church community making every moment an exciting adventure. Furthermore, it is encouraging to know that we, as brothers and sisters in Christ, can support and urge one another towards greater holiness as we live our lives and experience the joy that comes with obedience to God together.

Thank you for taking the time to read this little bio, and please do feel free to speak to me at anytime regarding anything whatsoever! Yes, anything—within reason, of course.


David Kou
My name is David Kou. Growing up in a Christian family I have been brought in the faith since a very young age. But through Lynn and Aaron's teachings lately I have been able to connect with God and a deeper and more spiritual manner. I have truly been blessed by God because he has put me in the praise leader position in Antioch fellowship. I believe that God's will for my life is to bring people to Him through my music. Another one of my callings would be the children's ministry. I believe that it is important for people to come to faith in their early years because then they grow up in God's love and understand that they have a Father in Heaven that loves them very much. My mission in this church is to help the congregation have the same will as the church and for the church to have the same will as God.


Julia Park
Jesus once said: So I was chillin with my homies at the last supper and I was like hey the food you’re eating is my body. They were like no way! So I said, YAHWEH! Hello there. I’m Julia Park, a rising sophomore at Lynbrook High School. I like to spend my free time making up/ listening to puns and jokes! I also enjoy playing piano and singing along to it. I don’t mind what anyone thinks of me, because I know God loves me. I came to Christ about 2 years ago after realizing that he loved me even though I am the biggest sinner. I was so happy to find a purpose in life, and a king that would sacrifice his life for someone who once hated him, a king who wants to adopt me into his holy family. In Antioch fellowship, I play piano for the praise team, and MC’d for games at a retreat once J I am currently discipline one of my friends, and even though I sprout LOTS of heresy, I like to climb the ladder to Jesus one WRONG by WRONG. Haha. Thankfully, though, I’ve been increasing my knowledge of God and love for him day by day!  My dream is that all people would realize how amazing my Father is and just love Him with all their heart!

Katherine Xiao 

Katherine Xiao
Hello everyone! My name is Katherine Xiao, and I’m a senior at Lynbrook High School. I first heard about Christ from my mother, who’s had many profound experiences when she was little with God. Fascinated by these stories, I read my children’s Bible everyday to the point of memorizing it from beginning to end. However, I was unable to attend church until fifth grade. It was there that I was exposed to more Christianity and saw how awesome it was to be part of the church.

Yet it was only until seventh grade that I really came to grasp how awesome, beautiful, and heartbreaking the sacrifice of Jesus Christ really was and how significant His resurrection was. It was when the gospel was formally preached to me that I shed tears of sadness and joy at this perfect sacrifice. I was completely in awe at how much God loved me, and I decided to devote my life to Him along the way. But this path of faith is full of obstacles, and I was faced with people totally against God. I found out that, in order to advance God’s kingdom with my talents in this modern world, I must delve into the science and explanations of Christ as well.

In addition to loving God more, I loved the church more as well. The people here were so uplifting and unique, and every second I spent with them was a blessing. Therefore, I began to serve as a servant/leader, bassist/singer at Rejoice Inc, and discipler. Recently, leadership over the encouragram ministry has also been passed down to Julia and me.

My hope and dream is that I will continue to mature and believe in Christ, and be able to glorify God in everything I think, say, and do, and that all  will come to Christ and experience the never-ending joy of serving Him!


Jessica Yan
Hello! My name is Jessica Yan, and I am a senior at Cupertino High School. Since I can remember, I have been in church and have been raised in a Christian household. However it wasn’t until I entered the youth group in 2011, that I really grew in my own Christian faith. I gained a new, more in-depth understanding about the Lord, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and other fundamental parts of the Gospel.

Not only did I gain newfound understanding, I had been given a new, awesome family in Christ! The brothers and sisters at Antioch Fellowship are truly a blessing to me and spur me on in my own walk with God. I can’t imagine what it would be like without my family in Christ, I am thankful that God placed these fellow believers in my life!

Currently in Antioch Fellowship, I am blessed with the opportunity to serve as a praise team leader and a member of the Servant Leadership Team. Even though there are ups and downs as I serve, I know that God will use them to teach me and help me grow as a servant of His even more in my roles in the church. 

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Hernan Benitez - Bio to come! 

Hernan Benitez has not submitted a bio in the last two years so here is a short summary of our beloved Paraguayan-Chinese team member. 

- He loves Jesus.
- He loves working out. He brought a barbell (a full-size one) to the summer retreat just so he wouldn't miss a workout.
- He can speak 4 languages. 
- He is an excellent drummer.
- He needs to fix the starter on his car.
- He needs to submit a bio to his pastor. 


Our Emeritus Leaders  


Nancy Xiao - 2010 - 2014
Hi :) I’m Nancy Xiao, I graduated from Lynbrook high school June 2014. I will be attending Carnegie Mellon University in the Fall. I’m also the grandma of this church. I guess it’s because I’m forgetful, I nag a lot . . . but idk, I don’t bake cookies or anything, so nickname kind of misleading? I’ve been coming to this church since 8th grade. So this church is pretty much family to me. I’m so blessed to be able to learn more about God, love God more and mature in God with this church.

I came to Christ in eighth grade. Before then, I only knew the typical Bible stories a Christian mom would teach her children. It wasn’t until I began to read the Bible, regularly attend church, and associate myself with other Christian friends that I was able to understand the truth- that the Lord loved us so much, he sent his son, Jesus, to die on the cross for us so that our sins could be washed away and we could communicate with Him. It is by His grace and mercy that I’m able to proclaim my faith, repent my sins, and live joyously, always. So I’m going to live joyously, hoping that whatever I do will glorify the Lord, because it’s not me, but Him who saved me -  I can’t do a thing to save myself.

Last note, I’d really encourage everyone to look for a church, to find a family in God who can help keep you accountable in your walk with God. For those who are still new to this faith, fear not, for the Lord will always be with you!    



Edwin Chow - 2011-2013
After coming to the revelation that Jesus Christ is friend, Lord, and Savior, Edwin Chow has dedicated his life to further advance the Kingdom of God. He has served as a Youth for Christ (YFC) student leader for 7 years in various locations including Campbell, Los Gatos, and San Jose.

As a leader he preaches the word of God, leads the youth in fun activities, and oversees small group discussion. In addition to his faithful service as a YFC leader, Edwin Chow has been a Rejoice INC leader at Antioch fellowship for 2 years and the Rejoice INC director for 1 year. He always fulfills his responsibility to assure there is a team to lead the congregation in corporate worship every Saturday and Sunday in which he has lead on multiple occasions.

Another role Edwin carried out for Antioch Fellowship is ensuring Rejoice INC members are spiritually able to lead another in corporate worship. He did this by checking up on members once in a while, sending encouragement letters, and teaching on the attributes of God to increase their knowledge of who God is in hopes of deep spiritual maturity. Edwin attends Huntington University in Indiana where he is a triple major in Missions, Youth Ministry, and Biblical Studies with an aspiration to become a missionary and pastor in Russia. 


Sophia Chao 2012-2013

Sophia Chao 2012-2013