A whale of a boo boo

We studied 1 Corinthians 6 last night and coming across Paul's strong admonition against sexual immorality I wanted to make sure I got the point across of just how bad it is. Luckily, rather, sovereignly, I had watched a great video the night before about exploding whales. 

Sexual immorality absolutely destroys and mutilates the soul. Something about the way we were created and how God designed sex to work makes it absolutely devastating outside the safety and bounds of marriage. 

Words just weren't coming to me that could adequately describe just how scarring and traumatic this kind of sin was so I shared extensively about how exploding whales paint the perfect picture of what happens to you spiritually on the inside. 

When we join our bodies to another without the covenant of marriage we give away our purity and the blessedness of intimacy. Intimacy with God as well as intimacy with our future spouse. I went over this again and again because I don't want any of my little sheeple to be hurt in a way that scars them and breaks their hearts for the rest of this life.

I wanted them to think on the exploding whale and how that would be their soul if they gave in to sexual immorality, instead, flee! Run away from any kind of sexual temptation! This is absolutely nothing to trifle with. Just like you wouldn't mess with a potentially explosive dead whale you do not mess with sexual immorality. 

There is restoration and forgiveness in Christ for those who have and I am grateful for that but if I can help any of them avoid that in the first place, I would be so glad. 

(The whale video I'm referencing was the one from the 1970s Oregon town that blew up the whale and it rained whale chunks for about a quarter mile. See here.)