2016 Hualien VBS - Day 3 & 4 - Hector Benitez

Day 3 of VBS was good. In day 3, I saw God working in the kids by giving them ears to hear about his word. In day one of VBS, the kids were restless and would not concentrate when the speaker is talking about the message. But in day 3, they were better and they responded to some questions the speaker had asked. When we memorized verses, a lot of other kids could not memorize the English verses and a proficient English member from our group had watered down the words in the verse so that the non-English speakers could memorize it. The kids also grew closer to the leaders compared to day 1.

Day 4 of VBS was even better than day 3. Half of the kids in my small group had memorized all 4 verses from the VBS. They all participated during small groups and were eager to respond the questions and they were not afraid to get the wrong answer.  They had given out all the energy they had during worship and they were not afraid to go up on stage to dance with the leaders.  All the kids had participated in games, and the older kids became friendlier with the younger kids.

After this VBS, God has taught me that I am completely worthless without Him. In day 1, I had no control over the kids at all, only because of Him I was able to work and not completely fail. He had also given me a merciful heart and I was taught to be patient, like how God is patient with us sinners. I was glad to come to Taiwan because it was great serving and I had a lot of fun serving at the VBS and bonding with the kids. If I can, I will definitely come back again and serve at Taiwan once more.